Nutter Media’s approach to PR is unique in that its procedures are based on an insider’s understanding of how the media works, which puts clients seeking publicity at a distinct advantage.


Using a one-of-a-kind hybrid of a traditional editorial approach to placing a story and traditional PR methods, Nutter Media delivers extreme precision in what actually matters when it comes to achieving coverage. This includes the targeting of relevant and influential editors, writers and producers; the tailoring of pitches to fit the particular editor, writer or producer’s needs; and communication of the client’s vital brand messages they are seeking to perpetuate to the public.


In order to achieve this level of precision Nutter Media’s PR services are tailored for the individual client, and include:


• short and long term media strategy

• cover letters and press material that provide both the vital brand messages the client seeks to communicate and the all-important burden-of-proof editors, writers and producers need to see

• the building of a made-to-measure media list

• assembly of effective physical and online press kits (including consultation on graphic design)

• direct, person-to-person communication with the media targets

• coordination of coverage, including ghost writing interviews, arranging images for publication, and influencing what is reported and how it is reported


The result is not only a much higher success rate at garnering media coverage than a traditional PR approach produces, but also powerful communication to the public of the essential messages the client is seeking to broadcast.